In honor of Dr. King: pursuing the Beloved Community

Jesus’ unconditional love and respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person, his prophetic ability to call out the systemic injustices of the socioeconomic and political norms of his time, and his absolute adherence to active nonviolence as the only way to confront the physical, emotional, and spiritual violence of fear-driven systems based on power and greed provide the essential model for the Beloved Community.

Where moths and rust destroy

The “treasures on earth” Jesus rebukes are the systems and structures that oppress, objectify and dehumanize others at the altar of self-righteousness, exclusivity and superiority.

What kind of love will we give this Christmas?

In a time when Christian denominations offer a fragmented picture of the body of Christ, when self-appointed gatekeepers impose narrow definitions and restrictive requirements for what is and is not acceptable, and when fear is wielded as the primary motivator of faith, we as the church would do well to be reminded of the compelling nature of God’s entry into our winner-take-all existence.