One thought on “Donald Miller on his prayer at the DNC

  1. OK, so what’s the conversation?

    Is it the abotion conversation? If it is, I have my opinion and I would gladly share it. I do agree that many Christians have followed the Republican Party because that’s what we’re suppose to do but I believe that both parties should act morally and ethically and I believe that they have a DUTY to do that.

    Is the conversation about whether Christians are Republican or Demacrats? Both!! When you vote, vote all the issues not just 1. It makes me think though, Why are the Christians so important to the election? We’re not allowed to do or say things in public without harassment, we’re not allowed to have public displays, we’re suppose to allow cartoons about Jesus but honor every other religion, we’re suppose to share our faith quietly and never make a mistake. Why are we so important?? These polititians want us at election time but then discard us later. That makes me hot!! Are they really reaching out to us for the right reasons?

    Is the conversation who’s right and who’s wrong? Thruth is Jesus and I do not see either side using that as their guild.

    Here’s my question? What would happen if a candidate really followed a Christian platform? Would they be convicted of being a Christian?

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