Coolest Fly Fishing Catalog Ever

If you’re a flyfisherman (or are related to one) and don’t get the catalog from Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Montana, you are missing out on one of the real treats of our sport.

I first visited BRF on my maiden voyage to Yellowstone Country in July of 2003. I had heard of shop owners Craig and Jackie Matthews and their genuine commitment to the health of the environment and the rivers they fished and guided on. But what I really gained an appreciation for on that, and my subsequent 2006 trip, was their genuine commitment to people.

The BRF catalog is a beautiful expression of both commitments. In fact, it’s kind of hard to call it a catalog. Craig and his staff share notes from the journey as seen through the eyes of Yellowstone sportsmen and women. It’s like a peek into Hemmingway’s journals. Even the product sections are more than just the typical “picture & price” layout you get in most catalogs. From flies to clothing to gear, these are the tools of the trade, and the BRF folks engage us with useful information about where and how to use them.

So why write about a flyfishing catalog on a Christian blog? Because what this catalog represents is, to me, one of those signposts in the Kingdom. It’s a relational exchange. Craig and Jackie have a thriving business not because they offer the best products or have the best guides (they do). It’s because they engage everyone whose path they cross and reflect the value of every individual they encounter.  I have no idea what their faith background or beliefs are. But the way they value people has eternal significance.

If you’d like to get your own copy of the BRF catalog, just hop over to and click on the link in the lower right-hand corner to request a catalog.

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