Welcome to my blog, Mr. President

It’s been an amazing week. Regardless of your political alliances, you have to admit that the inaguration of Barrack Obama is one of the most sigificant moments ever in American history. I’ve been thinking a lot about what this means to our nation and what it means to Christ followers in our nation and around the world. Allow me to ramble for a few moments….

As I have thought and prayed about the new presidency, I have been struck by the notion that, if we really wanted God to take control of US politics, how else could it possibly have looked than the way it looks right now? I mean, think about it. God has consitently, throughout history, chosen the least likely people to advance His kingdom. Look at Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Joseph. Moses. David. Isaiah. Daniel. Mary. Peter. John. Paul. Timothy. The list goes on and on. Average people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

It’s far too early to say if President Obama will live up to such lofty company. But I can’t help but have a sense that he is open to a depth of spiritual guidance that we have not seen in recent presidencies.

My prayer is that President Obama will be open at all times to the leading of the Holy Spirit as he faces the challenges of leading America in these difficult times.

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