Reflections on Easter

One of the dominant thoughts rattling around in my head yesterday through two Easter Sunday services and a church brunch was the notion that Easter is really everything to those of us who try to follow Jesus. Sure, Christmas gets top billing on the Christian Calendar Marquee, but without Easter, Christmas is just another prophet’s birthday. We strive to keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year long, but we must live as Easter people.

What are your reflections from this Easter? What does Easter really mean to you? Not just the “church” rhetoric, but at the depths of your soul?

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Easter

  1. As we were driving to Pennsylvania, Abbie asked if Passover was as big a deal to Jews as Easter is to Christians. I told her that it should be THE central celebration of Jewish life, but that like many of us Judaism may have been seduced by Hanakkah and the gift giving bonanza. Easter is central to Christianity coming into existance, but I wonder if more people look forward to Christmas and gifts than Easter and message of God’s love.

  2. Easter is the most important day for Christians. If this day had not occured we would all be wondering around in the wilderness. Thank goodness we’re not! (I have camping!!)

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