Back to school!

Well after a long (6 week) semester break, it’s back to the books for my second semester of studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. While that’s certain to mean a reduction in my bloggable time (hence the 6 days since my last post), I hope it will generate some ideas to share here and ignite some conversation.

My two classes this semester would appear, on the surface at least, to provide ample fodder: Church History and Vocation of Ministry. I’m anxious to get into the reading lists for both classes, which include source materials from the first 2 millenia of Christianity for the former and notable authors such as Os Guinness and Dallas Willard for the latter. Of course, as with all things Asbury, there will be a fair amount of John Wesley sprinkled throughout.

I promise not to post exclusively from my seminary readings as the semester wears on, and hopefully we’ll have plenty of good topics for discussion. But I do hope you’ll engage the conversation as I blog about the seminary experience…learning is richer when it’s done through interaction both inside and outside the classroom (both real and virtual). To quote Wesley, “We think, and let think.” And by thinking and talking, we are all enriched.

One thought on “Back to school!

  1. I am kind of disappointed, I would like to hear about your seminary readings, especially Dallas Willard’s book and Noll, am I correct in thinking that is Mark Noll? I’ve skimmed some of his other books, one in particular I think you might like – once you have spare reading time again – believe it is called “Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind”. Although I am a bit surprised in seeing Willard up there as a seminary text book I thought “The Divine Conspiracy” was alright, but I wouldn’t expect serious academic thought given to his work.

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