Oh the times they are a-changin’

Sorry. I know. I could not have picked a more cliche title for this post. But in many ways it really perfectly sums up life here at faithrants.com. Things can only stay as they are for so long, and so it is for this little blog site I’ve been trying to run for the past few years. The waters around us have grown, as the good bard Mr. Dylan has said.

Actually, what I’m planning is more of a metamorphosis than a radical upheaval. For some time I’ve been thinking about ways to transition from a fairly simple blog to a more full-featured website offering more resources than my intermittent rants and rambles.

But like most people, I occasionally need a little kick in the pants to move from concept to execution. For me that kick came this week in the form of a seminary class on internet technology and ministry which happened to include a requirement to complete a web-based project of some kind. Not being a fan of the reinventing of wheels or anything else for that matter, I decided my long-planned blog overhaul would meet the class project requirements quite nicely.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I am about some of the changes that are coming over the next couple of weeks. I will continue to blog–hopefully more regularly–but the blog will just be a part of a bigger site rather than its primary focus. I plan to bring in some guest bloggers and perhaps a couple of new regular contributors to give the site a broader voice and perspective.

In addition, I’ll be adding more content in terms of relevant articles, other blogs, social networking, etc. Concurrent with the update of this site I’ll also be developing a YouTube channel to better take advantage of visual and audio media.

Perhaps the most significant change, though, will be a complete redesign and re-branding of the site. “Faithrants” has been a cool little blog title for the past several years, but it no longer accurately captures my vision for how I want this site to operate or how I sense God shaping my ministry. So in addition to a new look and feel, you’ll also be seeing a new name (for the faithful few of you who may have bookmarked this site, faithrants.com will continue to link directly to the blog page for the foreseeable future).

I hope you’ll stay tuned for these changes, and I hope you’ll find them to be useful to you. Most importantly, though, I hope you’ll participate in the process. Give me your feedback, whether it’s positive or constructive or even critical. Tell me what you’d like to see, what you’d find useful, what will keep you coming back.

Thanks for following and being part of the conversation. And stay tuned as the new changes roll out!



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