questionmarkWhy “Awesomeness?”

There are two ways to define Awesomeness: First, there’s the awesomeness of the creator God who put all things in place and who holds all things together in a dynamic relationship with his creation. Second is the awesomeness that comes from experiencing a life that is lived within that dynamic relationship. And while the first is beyond our reach, the second is within our grasp.

Why a “Conspiracy?”

Because I think it most accurately reflects the way God works with people to create awesomeness in the world. God’s movements are always countercultural, counter-intuitive, and—by most worldly standards—subversive.

So this is a Christian website?

Yes. And no. When you start talking about God you immediately raise more questions than answers. I am unabashedly Christian. And yet, I also admit I often struggle to understand what that means and how it plays out in the realities of life on earth. God is bigger than religion, and God’s ultimate desire for us is to love the way God loves. This site will strive to respectfully include people of diverse faith experiences to be part of the conversation.

I also believe that the divide between “spiritual” and “secular” is an artificial one. God is in everything, all the time. And often the best expressions of God are found outside what we might normally classify as the realm of the religious. So you’ll find content here that is not explicitly Christian. To be “in the world and not of the world” doesn’t mean that we bounce around the world in protective Christian bubbles…it means meeting people and culture where they are and conspiring with God and people to transform the world in all its beauty and messiness.

What resources do you offer?

First, plenty of helpful, free content here on the website. The blogs, media pages, links and social network sites are all geared toward advancing conversations about awesomeness and helping you find your place in those conversations.

Along with some co-conspirators, we’ll also be offering seminars and workshops on a broad range of topics. Additionally, wilderness retreats will be a growing part of the mission to engage people in a setting that is both challenging and curative.

Finally, we’ll be creating a network of speakers who can present at your own church or organizational events. See the Booking page for more information.

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