Into the Wild


trailTime spent in the outdoors has a curative power for mind, body and spirit. It also has the ability to connect us to our creator and to one another in dynamic and transformative ways.

Wilderness and backcountry retreats offer a balance of focused activities such as trail maintenance, fly fishing, day hikes, photography, wild edibles, and more; along with plenty of free time to explore and reflect. Whether you’re an experienced backpacker or have never set foot in the woods, you’ll gain insight and inspiration to help you increase awesomeness in your life.

If you are interested in joining a pre-planned wilderness retreat weekend, or if you’d like to create a custom experience for your group, get in touch! Our Awesomeness Conspirators would love to work with you! Contact Joe Webb at 304.481.5683 or email for more information.

Our first Wilderness/Backcountry retreat is tentatively scheduled for late spring or early summer of 2014. Stay tuned for details.

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