Where We Go


Wilderness and backcountry experiences will be hosted primarily in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. The “Mon” covers over 900,000 acres in the Potomac Highlands region and offers thousands of miles of hiking trails along with dozens of camping and recreational opportunities.

Seasonal conditions and weather considerations will often play a part in location planning, but our primary areas of concentration will be:

  • Seneca Creek Backcountry
  • Canaan Mountain Backcountry
  • Otter Creek Wilderness Area
  • Cranberry Wilderness Area

senecamapYou can read about these and more special areas on the Mon Forest website.

If you wish to arrange a special “Into the Wild” experience on an area closer to your location or at a private camp or retreat center, please contact Joe Webb at 304.481.5683 or email faithrants@gmail.com.

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